Christina was born and raised in rural Victoria, Australia, and now lives and works in Melbourne's inner north.

A classically trained musician from the age of 5, Christina's music creates a dynamic, intricate and emotional landscape.  An intuitive composer, her works evolve and take shape organically at the piano, which for her is a place of meditative solace, discovery and freedom. Of her process, Christina often thinks of the act of composing as allowing a piece of music to work it's way out at the piano.  She often feels as if she is merely guiding the music as it emerges -that a piece of music has a life of it's own and her job is to coax it into being.  The balance between conscious improvisation and surrender that occurs at this embryonic stage is Christina's favourite part of the composition process.  


Christina also writes and performs as part of collaborative project Nomads Like Us, with fellow Australian composer and friend Victoria Cotta.

Their award winning audio visual work "The Unravelling"  is an immersive live music and film experience, which they  are currently refining in preparation for further performance in 2021 .